Siri & Francis

–sirs from the law came, sir
–the law?
–the law, people with grey suits, sir
–what? lawyers?
–yes, lawyers!
–and you let ’em in?
–said they had permission, sir
–they fucking did not
–your wife thinks otherwise, sir
–I bet she does
–ex wife, sir, pardon me
–ah! so you know what the whole point is!


Havelock & Lucinda

–so you, uh, told ’em?
–microwaved pop-corn?
–your favorite dish?
–at a cooking contest?
–you should always tell the truth
–makes it the other person’s problem?
–quite so my dear


Evelin & CJ

–the actual dog?
–yeah, why?
–you don’t throw dogs at people, you… dunno unleash them
–it was a pretty big dog, you know?
–I see
–and a pretty small thief, too
–right, right


Idea & Alberta

–I suppose this is the end
–yeah, well, nothing ever really ends
–or begins, or happens in the first place
–you going karmic about this? you know I fucking hate it when you go karmic about stuff


Conrad & Winston

–a nigga? I ask for novelty and all you bring back is… a nigga?
–actually, he’s half mexican
–that supposed to make it better?
–could have been half puerto rican
–half fucking jedi wouldn’t have been enough