Britney & Whirlpool

–I’m fucking KING of you
–sure, why not
–you will OBEY my every order
–for how SILLY it might be
–you planning on saying a lot more words in CAPITALS?
–dunno, why?
–makes you sound a lot like a B-movie trailer
–isn’t that cool?
–it was. briefly, during the spring of 2005, if I recall correctly


Laila & Simone

–the… wow?
–just that?
–just that
–a whole life?
–can you think of anything better?
–dunno… feeding the hungry? helping the poor?
–and why would you do that?
–’cos I’m good
–bullshit, you’d do it for the wow
–so, the way you see it, nobody is good
–no, silly: the poor, the hungry… they’re good
–and useful?
–you’re starting to get it


Seven & Chi-Hao

–this couldn’t work in a thousand years
–so why are we even trying?
–orders from above
–like… from god?
–you mean the imaginary entity the human race invented so they’d be less scared of death?
–I mean your wife
–ah, yes, then.


Big G & Yousssuf

–360° vision
–not, say, a billion dollars?
–your nr. 1 wish is to become a freak?
–challenging, eh?
–will take some design time
–and expensive prototypes and stuff, sure
–you sure you don’t want a billion dollars?
–alright then


Erich & Lorelei

–uh, and how’s that done exactly?
–basically, you just forget you exist
–and then you’re clean again?
–you can never be clean again, you’re clean just once
–so what are you afterwards?


Dieter & Frank

–and bang! we’re good, we’re making money again!
if things actually go as you presentation assumes they will
–which you would privately confess not to believe can ever happen
–exactly, sir
–we’re not here privately, sir
–I wouldn’t confess shit, sir


Steven & Quentin

–so he reaches for the gun
–but – we find out – the bad guy’s taken out the bullets earlier on
–so far the cliché, then what?
–the hero gets shot in the head
–and the bad guy gets to fuck his girl
–no way, like… forever!
–I told you it rocked, man