Syd & Eileen

–the Grace of the Lord has descended upon us
–I do feel kinda dirty


Latifah & Kelly

–and another thing
–before you take your clothes off, have them sing you a song
–what for?
–people who sing well, fuck well
–how can you say that?
–statistics, logics, smarts
–awright momma, whatever


Walton & Lucinda

–two days in Venice and I ain’t seen a cat
–yeah, wasn’t this supposed to be cat-city?
–sure, because of all the ships and the mice problem
–I’ve only seen dogs so far
–perhaps they have a canned dog food problem now


Eileen & Syd

–you pay peanuts, you get monkeys
–what if you already have monkeys?
–you should start and pay ’em peanuts
–what if they go on strike?
–the quality index of the universe has a small an yet significant surge
–can I have a banana now?
–you sure you don’t want peanuts?
–I’ve no intention to do any work
–fair enough


Colin & Gillian

–then I wanted to get back into China but they wouldn’t let me
–why not?
–the visa had expired and I had to go back to Hong Kong and get a new one
–but… you didn’t have any Hong Kong money for the cab
–so what did you do?
–I checked whether the local pub took Chinese money
–to change it?
–to get wasted on it


Britney & Whirlpool

–I’m fucking KING of you
–sure, why not
–you will OBEY my every order
–for how SILLY it might be
–you planning on saying a lot more words in CAPITALS?
–dunno, why?
–makes you sound a lot like a B-movie trailer
–isn’t that cool?
–it was. briefly, during the spring of 2005, if I recall correctly


Laila & Simone

–the… wow?
–just that?
–just that
–a whole life?
–can you think of anything better?
–dunno… feeding the hungry? helping the poor?
–and why would you do that?
–’cos I’m good
–bullshit, you’d do it for the wow
–so, the way you see it, nobody is good
–no, silly: the poor, the hungry… they’re good
–and useful?
–you’re starting to get it